Tata Martino: “Form will be influential”

Gerardo “Tata” Martino

Gerardo “Tata” Martino spoke to the press after the UEFA Champions League draw took place on the 16th of December. He gave his thoughts on FC Barcelona facing Manchester City in the knockout rounds: “They are a team who find it easy to score, we’ll look to have a good tie and more importantly, win it. Maybe they would have preferred not to play against FC Barcelona. We have to ensure we go into February in good form.”

He mentioned that the key factor that could decide the match is form: “They are an important rival with very good players, but form will be influential. I have always followed Pellegrini’s progress as a coach, both in South America and in Europe and so I’m very happy to play against one of his teams.”

Moving on to speak about the current game at hand which is the Copa Del Rey match: “We have to ensure we get through to the next round and we have to do so with maximum respect for our opponents. We also have to continue with the way we have been playing over the last three days. I want to invite all our fans to come to this match.”

Lastly, he addressed the rumor that Carles Puyol, 35, could leave the club or retire: “The only thing I can say is that he hasn’t talked about it at all with me. I see him training normally and he always demands the most from himself. He’s never said anything like that, so I don’t see that there is any need to come out and deny it.”

Source: fcbarcelona.com

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