Picture of the Day: Blaugrana family

Blaugrana family

The 66th issue of the ‘Revista Barça’ magazine features the family of Gerard Piqué. The cover picture shows the four generations of Barça members. Amador Bernabéu, Gerard’s grandfather, was a Club director for 23 years and now represents FC Barcelona with UEFA. Armador’s wife Montserrat shares the passion of her husband. Their daughters Montse and Gemma, grandchildren Gerard, Aina, Marc and Monat and great grandson Milan, all were enrolled as Club members from their birth. Gerard, who is both a big supporter of the club and a player in the first team, revealed that every night he sings the Barça anthem to his little son Milan “because it’s the only song I know all the way through”.

Source and Image credit: Revista Barça

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